My dear friend.


My trusted advisor.


My compatriot in arms~


I don’t ascribe these accolades lightly~

Michelle has had a profound impact on my life without my even seeing it coming. She is one of those rare humans who by just being around, befriending and staying close to, you grow in ways you didn’t know you would.

or could.

It’s been a joy to know her for over 6 years now, since the first time stepping into her unique igloo home in San Antonio.

Her work in handmade paper and wax leaves me plushed with delight and upon first seeing her series attributed to her grandmother’s sewing bits (or was mother’s? or aunt’s?!) I was hooked.threads-ii

I adore getting to be a part of Michelle’s dip into wax and to see what our friendships done to influence her work.

It’s in the give and take.

Just as it’s in the wax and paper-if you’re a Michelle follower

as I am 🙂


in love.