our first meeting 🙂

When I first met Amanda it was more impactful for her than for me. In truth she was a face lost in the faces of a year of teaching in so many places…..

but thankfully it was impactful for her because she stuck with me 🙂

I got a second chance to not allow her to be lost in a sea of faces~

She came to EncaustiCamp 2010; the very first one~


Camp crew 2010

we’ve grown, EncaustiCamp and Amanda and I

at each passing year.





Camp crew 2013

Amanda’s become an integral,


addition to each year

and my life.

With wonder and awe

I got to invite her to not only attend 2015

but to be an instructor.

Her delicious work with wax and soldering delight participants so much that having her pass on these delicious techniques could not be passed by~

Never mind that she is a joy to be around and a beautifully generous and gifted instructor.

Last week I introduced Shary Bartlett. This week Amanda. Next week Erin Keane.

This triune of dynamic, experimental witty and generous spirits

compose track one for ECamp 2015.

Amanda comes fully prepared with five years of following me,

slipping into my life and setting up a permanent place

so that she not only brings her experience to this track for July

but her love, dedication and joy as well.

This is a not to be missed experience.

I look forward to more~

in love.