How can you bend your startling tools in new ways?
brian doyle

Day three teaching begins today.

Day two went down quickly

in a blink of an eye.

Responsible for dolling out, not getting filled with-I want to resist judging my own created space-

resist calling it so good, so delicious, so beautiful, so just right and…good-

but it was.

Attentiveness is the beginning of all prayer.
mary oliver

It is not humility I’ve learned, to deny something precious exists because you had a hand in it.

Humility is to acknowledge the hand.

I get to use it, I get to put it to work

I get to respond, with it, to the call for action for which it is created. 

Art. Encaustic. Inspiring. 

I can do this.

I get to.

Ask yourself what your gratitudes will be before you leave. Keep one pocket in your satchel just for these.
phil cousineau

No extraordinary, earth-moving shift occurred.

The wonder, perhaps, went unnoticed to many of the others.

But no matter.

Sometimes wonder needs just one~

I this simple, delightful, bright pop of a day there was nothing spectacular or miraculous.

Only the pure, clear wonder of people together, working together, being in the same ‘thing’

 for even just a moment. 

It was a moment.

And it was bright and bold and beautiful while being soft and subtle and swift all at once.

 Carefully observe the way your heart draws you and then choose that way with all your strength.
hasidic saying

The beauty of it, as I’m trying to say, was not in a huge miraculous, but in a simple existence.

The space we occupied became something different

new and crisp and ever so slightly shifting, because we were together.

One comes in order to return, not in order to stay; one fills oneself with the sacredness transpiring~
william melczer

No encounter is without meaning. There are signs everywhere, if only we learn how to read them.
phil cousineau

It is this simple fact, recognized as it is by me

2:00am the day after

perched around pillows with my laptop keys beckoning

that makes it so good.

A new outlook can lead to a realignment of intuition that awakens perception of where you need to be next in your life.
phil cousineau

And this recognizing by me happens, is happening, because there was a ‘before’.

I could fuss and stew about the lack of access to materials, again. I could get hot under the collar and spew frustrations of lack and balls dropped and discouraging replay where I thought that was all in the past.

There’s no good in that.

It all comes together, despite~

Beauty happens. 

This time, this return, after 832 days away and five days into the 58 day return

I intend to see it.


 Pass by whatever you do not love~
phil cousineau

I choose to have eyes and heart to see it


I am trained to the simple, pure miracle of 

presence, every day, in the space I share with others.

This time, I see it 


in love.