Yes,  I walked a lot again yesterday, Wednesday. I did so intentionally; asking my ride to the mission to pick me up in town rather than in front of the Hacienda.
I am glad I did, as I knew I would be.
In the end, whether enlightened or not, I just like walking 🙂

But I think God intentionally set up a huge discongruent picture for me~

The cruise ships arrive; I thought I’d taken a photo of them in port as well, but then I remembered I was too disgusted to do so….

just me and my shadow~on a pretty, early morning beach

a no longer useful all inclusive 😛

starbucks, PV style

more starbucks~

an incoming all inclusive; all the rage here, understandably, I guess~
more all inclusive…
setting a serious stage for personal dismembering of all preconceived notions not just about poverty and life in third world countries, but also about my own passions and purposes.  

side yard

bible study




the path to school…just across the ravine

the playground
lived in, but yes, under construction

home. yes, it’s finished, not under construction as I naively asked…  

the view from the village…slice of heaven?

I have said more than I thought I would this morning; feeling like there’s just no way to express where I am.
And there’s not.
And I don’t just mean the physical location of me.
But I trust God’s way.
He maps my run.
I know he’s got something up his proverbial sleeve and has got one doozie of a life lesson coming my way.
I arise fearfully expectant after a comatosed 9 hours of sleep
and a weary awakening with an indistinguishable broken heart…
Where I laid down in disgusted, pathetic tears, I awake realizing I can smile still.

God is so good.
in love. trish.