It’s me 🙂

My week! For the past six weeks you’ve heard from guest bloggers-my fellow ECamp instructors-telling of their inspirations, process and practice in developing their unique seven panels for our collaborative exhibit. This final week is all mine.

Thank you for coming along with us. It might not show, but without deep enough words and wide enough reach to express it, we are so grateful to have gotten to. Thanks to you~


When I try to be deliberate it just doesn’t work.

It’s like trying to plant a flower bed so that each petal contrives to a predetermined angle.

It is not within my power.

I must let nature take its course.

I am only good when I get out of my own way;

then there is beauty in me.

I might not agree with it;

that it is beauty,


But time and age have taught me

sometimes you just have to ignore what you think you know about yourself

and take a bolder look at the evidence.

photo credit Doug Loates

photo credit Doug Loates10393920_10202054287181823_5756268386247488218_n


photo credit Doug Loates

photo credit Doug Loates

People talk.

We say don’t listen to them.

But sometimes…



You may be surprised by what you hear.

And maybe,

just maybe,

you will start to see it is a real part of the story of who you are.

Or at least

give it a chance

let it be possible

and keep moving until

it’s part of what you hear when you listen to

your own voice talking.

in love.