As I sit huddled under an old family heirloom afghan

(can you even remember the last time a blanket was referred to as an ‘afghan’?)

hot tea keeping one hand, then the other, warm while I change them up to type and swipe,

the view out the window parallels my position.


It started with heavy clouds as the sky began to dimly light with the suggestion of the suns presence.

On the rising lights’ heels came barely perceptible showers

just enough to suggest discoloration of the roads and sidewalks as cars streamed by on their way to work.

It didn’t take long though for the full force of the storm to descend.




Sleet I believe is its proper name.

An in-between weather condition.

In between rain and snow.

Creating in between ground conditions;

not wet

not white and downy snow


This is redolent of where we are; John and I.


Washington but also Kentucky.

America but still Australia.

In between.

Like sleet hitting the window

looking like rain

then sticking like snow

so are we

looking like Washingtonians,

while becoming Kentuckians.

Finishing Australia while re-becoming American.

Sometimes the in-betweens are the most difficult conditions to withstand.

And yet

in them is promise


of a change.

in love.