This week’s blog posts are all by Erin Keane. The past three weeks have seen Crystal NeubauerAmanda Jolley and starting us off was Michelle Belto introducing our collaborative series; this week Erin! Enjoy and savor the uniqueness of each~


NOTE: Erin wrote these, I, Trish, put them into queue. Alas, my doing not hers has them in wrong order! This post is in fact the third and not fourth 🙁 Read on, just know that yesterday’s was supposed to come after this one!~ imperfect perfection…

Playing off the thought that our ever expanding world is increasingly interconnected – between cities, countries, and continents – I created abstract landscapes by combining photographs into land and sky with a common horizon line. The idea was sparked by my two red umbrella shadows, which practically paired themselves together, and the juxtaposition reminded me of trees reflected in water.


03 - Screenshot 2015-05-24 10.24.10 crop

Working within the dimensions of our Encausticbord panels (21” tall x 7” wide), I cropped images to size and paired them up, testing many (many, many) combinations until I found the perfect fit.

04 - Screenshot 2015-05-24 10.27.12 crop

As a metaphor, the landscapes represent our various backgrounds – ancestry, places of birth, current geographical locations, travels and life experiences – and the horizon lines represent opportunities in front of us, both individual and shared.

“Any person at any given moment has a unique visible horizon–the line that divides the objects on the earth from the sky. Yet if I stand right next to you, or stand where you were a minute ago, my horizon will closely resemble yours. Thus the metaphor captures the uniqueness of individual experience while making difference a matter of degree that is somewhat within our control. Your horizon is a function of the way the world is and how you see things.” ~ Peter Levine, educator and philosopher

These landscapes took months to emerge, and I feel they connect as individuals as well as a community. Tomorrow see what they look like, transferred into Encausticbord and immersed with wax… wired on the back and ready to be connected with you!