we all know we’re not supposed to compare ourselves to others.

This morning I got it that

I’m not even supposed to compare myself

to myself.

To my expectations for myself.

freedom to be bolder than my own expectations 🙂

I like that. I can let that be.



In one short week the auction page for these seven weeks of collaborative exhibit paintings will go live. I will make sure you don’t miss it by posting it to social media regularly as well as linking it through a blog post.

In the meantime I look forward to your opinion of it all-

not to compare us

we are so different, the seven of us, after all.

This is why we are altogether; we complement and add value to

the other that we each are.

The collective show was a thrill to dream up, execute and deliver. Thank you for coming along in it all.

Our individual ’causes’ thank you as well as they each will benefit from the sales in this auction and exhibit.

You will hear from me two more times:
One post to explain the auction and live exhibit process
another with brief explanations from each artist about their cause.

Then we launch and see what comes~

in love.