I recrossed paths with Erin Keane just  a year ago. Prior to this she’d been an eager attendant in an encaustic workshop I conducted in Asheville, NC a few years ago. Her thrill at the potential to cross photography with encaustic lead her on a journey through that first workshop and on into some of the most delicious and beautiful work in her journals.

Last year, with my desire to bring some book making back into EncaustiCamp (Bridgette Guerzon-Mills first brought it to us at EncaustiCamp 2010) Erin came to mind thanks to Fleta Monaghan and 310 Art Gallery.


What Erin brings to EncaustiCamp 2015 is a part of a new way of thinking. She joins Shary Bartlett and Amanda Jolley in Track I to showcase new techniques in encaustic with photography, soldering and book binding. Her talent for sharing her gifts can outshine even the beauty of her work so look forward to an enthusiastic, deliciously rich indulgence in new techniques and teaching.Keane_2

Because she is our first from so far away; even our ‘northern’ from Canada, Shary, is nearer to the EncaustiCamp venue than Erin-she  brings along a different sensibility and style from our west coast foundations. With her east coast input EncaustiCamp 2015 is going to be richer and more thoroughly indulgent, fresh and refreshing. I look forward to all she brings; in technique as well as character, and already know it is going to be good; very, very good 🙂


in love.