My dad is unable to be at my wedding today. He blessed me more than his simple presence ever could’ve. sharing….in love. trish.

Hi Trish,
As I sit here at midday in my Best Western hotel room, I wonder how you are doing as your life changes again.
I know by now that I do not have to wonder, because you have become so much your own person, that it makes me oh so proud.
I remember how you carried your sister into the house with her broken leg, how we worked together to reduce our respective weights, how you stuck it out through college, how you became a mom to four wonderful boys, how you saw the world as you flew accross the Pacific, how you decided to take the life altering step to divorce, how you so enthusastically struck out on your own, how you saw your path with Christ, how you became such a wonderful woman.
Mom and I have been blessed four times. Every time it has been and will be different with each.
But yours is so different that I have to pen this to say thank you for being you. I am proud of you, so very, very proud.
I know that you and John will grow in your future lives together.
My best to the two of you. Be happy and enjoy the rest of your lives together.
Much Love,