It’s me 🙂

My week! For the past six weeks you’ve heard from guest bloggers-my fellow ECamp instructors-telling of their inspirations, process and practice in developing their unique seven panels for our collaborative exhibit. This final week is all mine.

Thank you for coming along with us. It might not show, but without deep enough words and wide enough reach to express it, we are so grateful to have gotten to. Thanks to you~


And today-the manic mind that occurs when I am somewhere near the finish line of a painting or series and I step back and a voice in my head asks, ‘REALLY??!!! You call this good eh?”


Where did it come from

the notion of being,

in moaning?


Why become a word, Mr Webster,

that humanity must adopt?

Can’t we, really,




without the moaning?

Or even better

art15 art14 art13


art9 art12 art11




IMG_2349 IMG_2348 IMG_2347


IMG_2346 IMG_2345 IMG_2344






There I go, talking to myself is gibberish again……….. 🙂

And these are mine. The seven panels I angst’ed over; struggled, scraped, hated, cried and yes, moaned over. Bemoaned.

I actually have 28.

More than that really if you count the ones that were scraped back, painted over or shoved to the side…..

The advantage of being ‘in charge’ (aka fronting the bill for all these panels!)  is that I got to order more for myself 🙂
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this size. Not each one as an individual, but rather altogether as a set. So much so that I had to do it again. And again. And still, yet again. 4 sets of 7. It has been fun.

The official seven, going to exhibit on the site and at Dumas Bay Centre in July? The final seven above.

The story of what they mean and where they came from will be told at a later date… 🙂

Thank you EncaustiCamp.

in love.