‘May I ask what your faith tradition is? I find you so refreshing and humble and that has to come from a deep understanding of who you are as a reflection of the Creator and the “oneing” ( Julian of Norwich) of all with that same creator. You are so generous with who you are and what you do!! That can only come from God.
Every time I read something from you or see you in action I think of the line from the diner in When Harry Met Sally that the woman in the diner spoke about Meg Ryan- “ I want what she’s having!” ‘ (ECamp lifer, Lynn Hogan)










‘Here in this vast landscape, swept by winds from the sea, I wonder if there is any person anywhere who can answer the questions that lie in the depths of your being. For even the best miss the mark when they use words for what is elusive and nearly unsayable.’ Rilke

‘I would rather live unlocked,

and more often than not astonished,

which is possible,

if I am willing to surrender

what I already think I know.

So I will stay open

and companionably friendly

with all that presses out from the heart

and comes in at a slant

and shimmers just below

the surface of things.’

Carrie Newcomber

So, who did God mean, when He meant you?’

‘Since I have such hope, I have great boldness of speech’

2 Corinthians 3:12

‘Insecurities trying to become destinies’ Sarah Mclachlan











I find that just as soon as I find

the just right thing to say

it is no longer just right.

So I say nothing

But keep living.

This is my faith.

in love.