Opportunity for residency at the EncaustiCastle in the pbsartistOPENstudio residency program is artist-driven. Between host and resident the unique needs and circumstances are available for review and can be modified based on EncaustiCastle availability to accommodate~

A basic framework to begin:

(Length of residency is negotiable: Express in inquiry email please.)

  • No investment residency

Artists are provided accommodations and studio space free of charge with the agreement that you manage the AirBnB rooms during times in which Patricia is away. If conducting a workshop is desired during this time it must be scheduled with Patricia onsite and will be subject to the terms of workshop as outlined in option 2.

  •   Partial investment residency

Artists come to use the space to create, but also to give a workshop. Either first floor teaching studio or outdoor studio are available for this. Accommodations are provided for artist as well as studio space in which to create for up to two weeks with this model (longer negotiable). In return EncaustiCastle receives 50% of workshop fees. Hot lunch provision is negotiable for workshop attendees and help in designing and promoting workshop is offered for a fee if desired.

  • Full investment residency

Artists and writers come to use the space for determined amount of time without any obligation except to use the space. Accommodations and meals are the responsibility of AiR with the understanding that you book into encausticastle space through AirBnB. Studio space in either the third floor, first floor or wet studios is then added in at $100/week. {*AiR writers book into front bedroom outfitted with desk and sofa as well as bed at reduced rate assuming writing happens in this large, well-equipped room (no alternate studio space provided)}.

The purpose of this model is for someone needing to complete a project, meet a deadline or make a concerted start on a commitment. Having no other obligations to encausticastle is made to afford you exclusive, quality time to do your work.

  • Studio mentorship residency

Artists are provided accommodations and studio space based on one of the three options above, but also take advantage of studio mentorship with Trish. Fees apply; negotiated based on length and topic of study/mentorship.

*Travel expenses and all supplies are the responsibility of artist.