Last year after the conclusion of EncaustiCamp the other instructors and myself stayed after a final day.

I was intent on having them all to myself:)

What came of it, among other things, was the development of our collaborative exhibit for this 2015 year.

This day took us to Home Depot, the Glidden paint chip display,

and a whole lot of giggling….



Believe it or not a whole heap of wonderful things comes from these simple two elements: A paint chip display and laughter!

Nine months later finds the seven of us from our own individual studios working

seven, 7×21 panels

in seven unique colors

to produce 7 individually stylized paintings

that will come together as 49 paintings exploring the color field offered in the pantone inspired paint chip display from July 2014.

There’s more to tell and these details will come throughout the rest of this week.

But for now know you can count on the stories behind the development of each instructors uniquely individualize panels beginning next week with Michelle Belto.

It will be an adventure seeing each artists take on the guidelines, infused with their own style.

I look forward to all that they bring as much as you~








in love.