‘That’s all we are; amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.’

Charlie Chaplin

amateur painter child

I live in front of myself in everything I do.

By that I mean I push my limits

dive deeper than I think possible

and more often than not stretch just past my perceived boundaries.

It was well into the publication of my first book Encaustic Workshop

before I comfortably called myself as artist out loud.

That title, artist,

seeming so very mysterious,

or bohemian

or avant-garde.

I was simply a mom,

mom super

with a passion,

making my way

driven by a fire inside that could no longer  be ignored.

One would think that a decade down this road of ‘artist’

I’d adjust and get over ‘amateur’.

amateur painter girl child

Thankfully I haven’t.

And now I know why.

Not because I seek so madly to keep on experimenting and finding out

exploring and inspiring.

Not because I go back to the drawing board

or tear a new sheet of paper

or tread another path.

And yet, I do do all those things; madly and with a crazy passion 😉

No I am an amateur,


grateful, passionate, amateur

because I forever

to my last breath love what I do.

I get to.

And it’s so good.

Come along.

Be an amateur with me.

pbs_encaustiCamp PBSEncaustiCampAU_4c PBSEncausticBali2014_4c

in love.