Fin and feather, flesh, blood and bone: the earth calls its creatures to leave the familiar, turn again into the unknown; to move steadily and continuously and at great risk toward an invisible goal, expending great energy with the possibility of failure… ~ Marianne Worcester


‘Dreams are often the skills and knowledge acquired along the way, not the actual ‘success’ of the Dream.’ Linda Esterley

This said to me,

written to me in email actually

recently began

the already in progress

process of putting things in perspective.

My personal mantra-

current one anyway-

‘I have everything.’ rang strong in my head.

Certainly, weighed against the worldly perspectives, I have more than enough.

Being fair to where I live and have been raised (western culture)-

while many might look in at me and disagree-

even here I have everything.

Not because I have the essentials of food, shelter and clothing; I actually don’t.

But because I have faith, hope and trust.

Love, community and purpose.

Inspiration, ideas and goals.


Don’t short change yourself by looking at the world;

Neither your own or the greater.

‘I have everything.’

And I can’t wait to see how I continue to~

in love.