October 30 is 51 days until my 51st birthday. Whew eh?! I feel pretty darn good getting to be at this place at this time…..

but that aside, I want to share my birthday! I have created and accumulated heaps of 8″x8″ encaustic paintings that I would really, REALLY love to see find new homes! Therefore beginning Monday, October 30, one painting a day will post to Facebook, on my patricia baldwin seggebruch profile wall, for sale at $51 (plus shipping). First person to claim it in comments will get this birthday gift in the mail 🙂 I will message buyers for email address in order to execute payment and shipping details. 

So if you’d like to come along on these days until my actual 51st day, follow! 51 paintings are a lot, and there’s sure to be one you’d adore <3 And look at that, just in time for the holiday gift-giving too! 🙂

in love