I’ll be 45, 45 days from today. Wow. How did that happen?! The ‘5’s’ tend to get me more than the ‘0’ years. I don’t quite know why. And, I don’t think it’s worth contemplating….
but, nonetheless, duly note, I am facing a ‘5’~
So I decided to do something with it.
Today, and everyday for the next 45 I will post a new image. I am calling it 45/45. Many of them have been created; I worked through them as I contemplated this purposeful posting of 45/45.
Some have yet to come to light.
But, as I embark on my last commitment to travel/teach for 2011, and have fearlessly thrown in a mission trip to boot (more on that later! whew…did I say fearlessly?! I lied 🙂 I am determined to challenge myself with living up to this commitment, come what may! ( I wonder if I’ll have WiFi service in the wilds of Mexico….) (did I mention I’ll be away from the studio for 29 days straight?! :}
So I jump in (can you picture it?! That bent knee, arms swinging forward, then back, forward then back as I count ‘1,2,3!’ and dive off into this challenge to myself?! Should be a fun free fall! Now, where is that rip cord….
in love. trish.

I couldn’t resist starting out funky 🙂 This is a ‘just for fun’ piece I made, one of eight actually, featuring my local beekeepers wax, and, his bees as well :)))