I read a post in Women’s Voices for Change this morning which I quote in part here:

While most of us have serious practical barriers to changing careers before retirement—for example, taking large pay cuts or traveling far from our families—there may come a time when reinventing ourselves is not only possible, but necessary. Too many women feel that the road to new things is closed to them, especially as we age.’

It hit me between the eyes to be honest.

I believe I’ve lost sight of why I set out on this journey to inspire abroad for two years.

This quote brought it back home.


I have been journaling this journey since day one. Writing each days date and the day of travel it is at the header of each entry.

Today: Day 365, 4/1/14

One complete calendar year ago tomorrow, Patrick and I were hauling our too-much luggage through the automatic doors of Seatac airport intent on enduring the long line at the Air Canada International Counter. The story of that start has been told in blog a year ago so there’s no retelling now. The wonder of realizing and reflecting is what I’m here for today.

And, kicking myself in the butt a bit as well.

You see I’ve been whinging lately. For about three months to be honest. Whinging is wining in Australian-ese; and I’ve picked it up with a vengeance~

I’ve forgotten with what intent I set out on this trip.

I’ve forgotten it was to inspire people. To motivate, excite and inspire them to potential; in themselves and in/through the wax. And I forgot what this all is; an adventure.

I’ve been making it into a chore.

A job instead of a passion.

Whinging may be a fun word to say, but it is most certainly not a fun word to live out.

A rather pathetic one in truth, when placing perspective alongside one’s life.

Truly pathetic.

Thankfully, this quote’s gift of realigning perspective and reassessing direction offers opportunity to begin again.

To remember again.

Thankfully 365 is only the half way point so time in on my side as well.

I begin again today, day 365, looking to tomorrow, day 366

to go into this journey with the initial intent;

to motivate, inspire and enliven others.

The adventure comes from there~

as a byproduct

I live my fullest dream

to the fullest.

To live in the reinvention of my


There is no ‘age’ except the one we live in~


Day 366:

Day 1~

with the ‘refresh’ button struck 🙂

I get to.

In love.