Like the moment we stand at the edge of a swelling wave.

We know it will feel good once we dive in; it will be refreshing, renewing, exhilarating.

But,  diving in can be incredible difficult~

we finish two months.

two months of high, low, discover, explore.


and (painful) goodbyes.

two months of  paint, construct, mold, experiment. Of cooking, baking, welcoming in, turning away.

we’ve added in we’ve take out. we’ve done our duty we’ve delighted in our selves.

two months in someone elses space, someone elses rooms, someone elses choices, someone elses walls.

we’ve done it.

lived our life within someone elses things,

discovering in the time

living is a whole new way.

we start two weeks.

two weeks of quick.

two weeks of full.

two weeks of look! see! this is where I…! can you believe it…!?

out of suitcases without closets

kitchens without cabinets

before two days


no time to unzip.

no time to feed stomachs.

no time to grab hold.

before back.




a crossing over

contemplation wonder

as we tell, say, share, express

living is a whole new way

we’re going back for more~

in love.


One Art by Elizabeth Bishop